“It’s Our Story to Tell” is an educational film documentary project which take place at the Dr. Horan School in Harlem, New York City, reaching students grades 7 through 12, with significant cognitive, emotional and sensory disabilities.

Numerous documentaries have been made about children with disabilities; this project’s documentaries conveys the disability experience directly through the unique perspectives and artistic expression of its makers. “It’s Our Story to Tell” sees the initiative as reaching students with disabilities through an art form that saturates contemporary culture, and enables them to become creators, not just consumers of digital media.

The program is run by ArtsConnection, a New York Broadway research-based arts programs which creates socially just learning environments. ArtsConnection’s programs support literacy, communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. ArtsConnection’s partnerships include and strengthen the diverse voices of NYC’s children and youth, cultivating their arts and academic skills for success in a changing world. For “It’s Our Story to Tell”, ArtsConnection forge a new program model designed and led by the filmmaker and educator Pablo Herrera, one of the leading filmmakers for documentaries, particularly within the educational and community building genres. The program is specifically designed for students with disabilities to use the tools and language of filmmaking to take imaginative risks, give voice to aesthetic ideas, envision alternative possibilities, persevere, and collaborate to explore or communicate an idea, concept, or feeling.

“It’s Our Story to Tell” is designed to support remarkable growth for students with disabilities as they experience authentic achievement. The film documentaires created during this program will be released in June 2019.

“It’s Our Story to Tell” is being possible thanks to the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.