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" /> About Colectivo Piloto

Promoting Culture

Giving voice and support to the Community.

There are plenty of people out there with ideas, creativity and talent that can help and inspire the community. Colectivo Piloto meets with them and tells their stories.

Promoting Education

Bringing enlightening experiences to people.

Education is paramount to see and understand the real nature of our world. Colectivo Piloto encourages all individual to learn and experiment.

The Buiding of a Community - New York City, U.S. - Culture
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About Colectivo Piloto

Colectivo Piloto is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Culture and Education by giving individuals an opportunity to thrive within their own communities.

Through the use of audiovisual technologies, Colectivo Piloto engages with its partners to design customized programs that include training, workshops, film production and broadcasting. Colectivo Piloto has been honored to work with a variety of partners, including museums, galleries, non-profits, governments agencies, community centers, schools and universities.

Since its creation in 2004, in Barcelona, Spain, Colectivo Piloto has developed programs that have shown a commitment to culture and education. Projects like “FUNCIÓN VÍDEO” miniFILM Festival and “kdm;)” the Web Series, have reached communities, not only within Spain, but throughout Western Europe and South America. Recently, Colectivo Piloto has expanded its center of operations to North America with new projects, including “The Building of a Community” and “The Brooklyn Music Scene” documentaries.

Colectivo Piloto gives everyone the opportunity to engage with their community and is always willing to hear new ideas. If you would like to attend one of our workshops, to support our events or just want to help out as volunteer, let us know!

Colectivo Piloto Team


Pablo Herrera Marín President and Co-Founder

Pablo Herrera Marín is a Filmmaker, Producer, Designer, Musician, and social promoter from Argentina. After his graduation from the Faculty of Architecture in 2000, Pablo moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Film Production from the University of Barcelona.

In 2004, he met Isabelle Garcia, with whom he co-founded Colectivo Piloto with the aim of promoting culture and education through the use of audiovisual resources and media technologies. Since then, Pablo has created and participated as a programmer in multiple film festivals and generated more than 300 events/projects which included over 5,000 participants.

Pablo has also created and directed 2 web series, 2 films documentaries, and participated in several films projects as an executive producer in Spain, Argentina, and the U.S.

As a teaching artist, Pablo taught filmmaking to more than 500 students and has inspired many young people to create their own film production companies.


Isabelle García Chief Operational Officer and Co-Founder

Isabelle was born in France. After graduating in graphic design in 2003, she moved to Spain where she spent eight years working as graphic designer, web designer, and web developer.

In 2004 she met the filmmaker and artist Pablo Herrera Marín and they co-founded Colectivo Piloto.

Isabelle moved to the US in 2011 and graduated, with honors, in Multimedia Programming from the City University of New York. Since then, she has worked as web consultant for the Department of Public Information of the United Nations and Project Assistant for the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.


Dolors Mañé

Dolors is a Journalist and Writer specializing in social development. She leads the Press Department for several projects and campaigns.


Pablo Tosco

Pablo is a Photojournalist and Filmmaker. He documents cultural activities and produces film projects related to social development.


Hector Bragado

Hector is a Film Editor and Writer. He researches sources for topics covering breaking news and develops ideas/content related to social development.


Miguel Ángel Cuerda

Miguel is a Social Worker and Researcher. He develops Public Policies in areas related to culture and education to promote community engagement.


Álvar Pauner

Alvar is a Sound Technician specializing in Live Recording and Postproduction.


Eric Dexeus

Eric is a Journalist and a recently graduated Filmmaker. He develops audiovisual content and programing activities to promote new artists.


Carolina Torres

Carolina is a Social Worker specializing in Participation and Local Policies and Family Mediation. She designs and programs activities to promote youth empowerment and leadership.


Javier Rueda

Javier is a recognized independent Filmmaker. He teaches the craft of filmmaking to young people, empowering them through the use of audiovisual resources.


Ester Morillas

Ester is a Social Educator specializing in Intervention and Social Participation Policies. She designs and programs activities to promote youth empowerment and leadership.