MoRUS Film Fest


The Third Annual MoRUS Film Fest I (heart) NRCHY; Subversion & the City


The spirit of anarchy is embedded in the everyday life of New York City, and has been a consistent theme running through the fabric of the Lower East Side since the late 1800s. Though not always occurring in the form of the aggressive anti-authoritarianism commonly associated with the word anarchy, the ideals of freedom and participation in shaping the community’s future and the refusal to recognize traditional authority has spread from this pocket of the city to inspire grassroots activist movements across the country.

The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS) is partnering with community and activist groups to present I NRCHY: Subversion & the City. With each night featuring a different theme,  I NRCHY: Subversion & the City runs August 1st through 8th, with screening times at 8:00pm. A limited supply of all-inclusive passes for $20.00 are now on sale at or by visiting MoRUS, 155 Avenue C between 9th and 10th Streets during hours of operation. Admission to each individual screening will otherwise require a suggested donation of $5,00.

This series of shorts, documentaries, oral histories and features will pay homage to the spirit and legacy of anarchy in New York City, its impact on the United States and explore self-determined communities fighting for their own forms of power today.

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