“There is no one who hasn’t observed that frequently the floor will fold in such a manner that one part of it rises at a right angle with the plane of the floor, and later the following part is placed in a parallel manner to this plane, giving way to a new perpendicular, and that this conduct repeats as a spiral or broken line up to an extremely variable height.”

Quote from “Instructions for climbing a staircase”, Júlio Cortázar.

The ability of Júlio Cortázar to transform the more obvious observations of our surroundings into stories is remarkable.

In March 2005 Colectivo Piloto worked with a collective of artists to create an artistic video illustrating the fabulous short novel of the Argentinian writer Júlio Cortázar “Instructions for climbing a staircase”. The video was then exposed, along with paintings and photographs, for a month in a bar-gallery of the city of Barcelona, Spain.