Electrofilmika is a music, film and digital art festival created by Colectivo Piloto (thecplab) to experiment the collaborative work between filmmakers, digital artists and electronic musicians. Electrofilmika was first created in Barcelona, Spain, in 2009 under the direction of Pablo Herrera. Because of its success in Spain, in 2017, under the brand Electrofilmika, live film scores were hosted in La Sala at Cantina Royal in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Electrofilmika hosted performances with artists such as Vinilette (Beth Pibernat), Diego Armando, John Talabot, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Giovani Trilogy, Alexander Gentil, Mental Resonance, Rapirez, Marvin Technolasko, among others. Each of these performances received a very high turn-out and were greatly successful.

Electrofilmika has grown in magnitude and importance within the arts community in New York City since 2017. By hosting a variety of activities, such as fashion shows, panel discussions and conferences, synthesizer expositions, DJs/producers’ showcases, live film scores, performances, screenings, virtual reality installations, workshops, and a Creative Lab, Electrofilmika seeks to establish an outpost in New York City as an important musical and film event.

During the activities programmed for 2017, Electrofilmika hosted the pioneers, legends and founders of techno music from Detroit, including Jeff Mills, Aux88 and DJ Stingray, and the main artists signed with New York Trax Records, including Richard Hinge, Another Alias, Dawid Dahl and Boris Brenecki. Since its creation, Electrofilmika involved more than 60 artists and 30 different representative agents from records labels, producers, brands and others within the music media industry.

As well during 2017 season Electrofilmika had created a Film Series called “Electronic Perspectives”, curated by the filmmaker Pablo Herrera. This Series gathered 10 electronic and experimental musicians to put images to more than 100 films and footage archive. The series explores the diverse forms of audiovisual representations from the Second World War until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. During this period of time the curator has selected Avant-garde and home movies, 60s Sci-Fi movies and documentary archives with stories narrated through a personal, informational and artistic point of view.

Live Scores

Film screenings with live music present great opportunities for audience members to discover or rediscover masterpieces of the cinema and, for electronic musicians, to express their creativity and generate visual and sounding atmospheres. The following videos are a series of Live Scores performed by Pablo Herrera and Dr. Brodsky.

ELECTROFILMIKA “THX1138” Live Score by Pablo Herrera (Full Session)

THX 1138 is the first feature film of George Lucas released in 1971. This film is inspired by Aldous Huxley’s movie, The Machine Stops, and by George Orwell’s novel 1984 and is set in an underground dystopia. The story centers around a man and a woman who rebel against their rigidly controlled society.

ELECTROFILMIKA “La Jetée” (Chris Marker) Live Score by Dr Brodsky (Excerpt)

Through a series of black and white photographies, La Jetée (Chris Marker, 1962) is a French science fiction film. A man is sent back in time as part of a scientific experiment in a post atomic World War III, where nuclear radiation has devastated life on the surface. In this occasion ELECTROFILMIKA offers a reinterpretation of this astonishing Chris Maker’s film scored by Dr. Brodsky and intervened by the Visual Artist NV (Visuals).

ELECTROFILMIKA “Detroit · Berlin · New York” Live Score by Pablo Herrera (Full Session)

This Live DJ&Film Set by Pablo Herrera, embodies the artistic relationship between Detroit, Berlin, and New York through a compilation of documentaries and films produced during the Cold War. The score includes Techno, Progressive, and House performing music of AnnaMiss Kittin, Eric Sneo, Joris Voorn, Detroit Techno Militia, Artefakt, among many others.

ELECTROFILMIKA “Metropolis” (Fritz Lang) Live Score by Pablo Herrera (Full Session)

“Metropolis” the masterpiece of German expressionist science-fiction drama filmed by Fritz Lang in 1927, and set in a futuristic urban dystopia. The live score include tracks of Moderat, Paul Kalkbrenner, Gui Boratto, among other renowned musicians from the German record label based in Cologne: Kompakt Records.