Because of the success of “PARTICIPACCIÓ: Protagonistes dels nostres Drets (Participaction: Leading Our Rights)”, In 2011 Save the Children commission Colectivo Piloto to perform a series of workshops to create  2 short documentaries involving children and the extracurricular activities in which they are involved. The productions were designed to give visibility to “Caixa ProInfancia”, an educational program co-sponsored by Obra Social Fundación La Caixa and Save the Children Spain, to improve integration of youth from immigrant neighborhoods in Barcelona.

These shorts served to promote the works accomplished by the “Caixa Proinfancia” program, and are currently broadcast in local TV stations throughout Spain and on our Save the Children internet platforms.

The shorts were directed by Pablo Herrera, who has earned an impressive reputation as the co-founder of Colectivo Piloto. Pablo’s success on a variety of education projects throughout the secondary schools within the city of Barcelona, including the webseries “kdm)”, received national media coverage throughout Spain. Pablo’s expertise as a filmmaker is based on his innovative use of new technological resources applied to education and the methodologies in the implementation of cultural projects for the youth.

Watch all videos of Programa “Caixa ProInfancia” on Vimeo Channel.