Young people at risk often have low self esteem and are disadvantaged. The audiovisual resources help them to express fears, desires and needs. EAIA “Equip d’Atenció a la Infància i l’Adolescència,” is a public service that promotes these usually unheard voices.

Colectivo Piloto created and managed, for EAIA, the educational and audiovisual content of workshops during which the participants create short documentaries about their personal experiences. They have had the opportunity to use the audiovisual resources to express their concerns, fears, needs and visions about the future, turning negative feelings about the present into a promising experiences for the future. This educational and psychological approach using audiovisual resources gives them the possibility to explore their personalities and contemplate the reality that surround them without the need to be judged for their ideas and experiences. The psychological use of the media acts as the conscious-unconscious parts of the cognitive and sensory system, improving their self esteem and helping them in the complex process for decision making. Inadvertently they become the protagonists of their own lives.

This program was designed and conducted by the filmmaker Pablo Herrera, one of the leading filmmakers for documentaries, particularly within the educational and community building genres. His expertise is known throughout the media education community in the United States and Spain for his ability to use filmmaking as an educational tool, developing innovative media learning systems. Pablo Herrera has the expertise in creating successful documentary films with teens, but he also has the extraordinary talent of educating and creating community through filmmaking.

Watch all these inspiring videos on the EAIA Vimeo Channel.