More than 100 teenagers from Barcelona were cast by the Colectivo Piloto to participate in the shooting of “El Culebron del Barri” (Melodrama in the Neighborhood) and learned the craft of filmmaking from both behind and in front of the camera.

This project revealed some authentic young talents; script writers, sound engineers and actors, among others. The commitment of these inexperienced teenagers was astonishing and resulted in a very enriching experience for them. They ended up creating a comical, but also very professional story that was screened in small theaters and community centers of the city of Barcelona and used as a model for education media programs throughout Spain.

El Culebron del Barri was a project developed by the Garcilaso Youth Community Center in Barcelona, and produced by Colectivo Piloto with the support of the Catalan film production company Utopia Global. The year-long project was created by the filmmaker Pablo Herrera while he was holding the position as the Chief of the Media Department for the Youth Community Center from 2007 to 2013.

After the success of “El Culebrón del Barrio”, the Barcelona City Council, through the Department of Youth Affairs, specifically commissioned Pablo Herrera the design and execution of kdm;), a project of similar characteristics to encourage the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of the young participants by teaching them the craft of filmmaking and promoting immigration and cultural diversity within Spanish society. 

El Culebron del Barri was not only a popular web-series throughout Spain, where this original show received national press coverage in both El Mundo and El Periodico de Cataluña, but it was also an important educational program, using technology and filmmaking to teach the young people of Barcelona.

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