El Carmel is a neighborhood of laborers developed in the 1960’s and 1970’s by migrants from the south of Spain, who were encouraged to move to Barcelona by the government of the dictator Francisco Franco. Most of them built their homes by hand without permits on the rural slopes of this particular hilly area located at borders of the city.

Every year, the El Carmel Community Center and the Juan Marsé Public Library branch organize a two-week event El Cel del Carmel (Carmel’s sky) that offers to the community a set of activities related to cinematography.

In 2012 Colectivo Piloto was invited to coordinate a photo edition workshop as part of El Cel de Carmel. The inhabitants of El Carmel were invited to collect old pictures of the neighborhood and to create an historical movie out of them.

“Memòries de El Carmel” (Carmel’s Memories) is the result of this photography recompilation work. A short movie documenting the house-raising history of this laborer neighborhood.