“PARTICIPACCIÓ: Protagonistes dels nostres Drets” (Participaction: Leading Our Rights) aimed to create links between students from Spain and Latin America and to help raise awareness: By answering questions such as: ‘Do all children have the same rights throughout the world?’ they were inspired to think about the different levels of rights that children from all over the world have.

The project was designed and lead by Pablo Herrera, who has earned an impressive reputation as the co-founder of Colectivo Piloto and his success on a variety of education projects throughout the secondary schools within the city of Barcelona, such as the webseries “El Culebrón del Barrio” which received national media coverage throughout Spain.

In 2010, Save the Children directly contacted Pablo to commission the design, development and management of an educational audiovisual project with adolescents aged 16 to 18 years, also to be developed in the secondary schools of Barcelona, Spain, Argentina and Paraguay.

The project called “PARTICIPACCIÓ: Protagonistes dels nostres Drets (Participaction: Leading Our Rights)” aimed to promote the rights of children in Barcelona, Spain through the exchange of materials and experiences with children in Argentina and Paraguay. The project ran from January to July 2010, where students created a short film titled “Actuant pel nostres Drets (Acting For Our Rights).” It reflected the different experiences of teenagers involved in the project, and served as material for promoting children’s rights in educational activities carried out by Save the Children in Spain and Latin America. The short film was shown throughout local and national television stations in Spain and Latin America and participated in several film festivals in Spain and Latin America. In 2011, “Actuant pel nostres Drets (Acting For Our Rights)” won the “Award for Promoting Human Rights” in the FILMETS Badalona Film Festival in Badalona, Spain.

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