Drawing on the momentum of Brooklyn’s offbeat house and techno scene, catalyzed by labels like Fifth Wall, White Material and L.I.E.S., FOURTH WORLD provides a snapshot of underground dance music in New York City. The intimate 18 hours non-stop music festival is a “celebration of local independents,” with an emphasis on experimental house and techno artists from the Brooklyn underground.

This short documentary captures the soul of this “celebration” in its 2017 edition, through the sight of the filmmaker Pablo Herrera (ELECTROFILMIKA), and sounds of Boris Brenecki (Ontal / NEW YORK TRAX), Turtle Bugg (Basement Floor) and Love Letters (CGI Records) among others.

Created by Richard Gamble and Zack Kerns in 2014, FOURTH WORLD has become a benchmark for the most hidden techno music in the city.

The 18 hours party line up include: Morgan Geist (Metro Area / Environ), Yaeji (Godmode), Bookworms (L.I.E.S. / Break World Records), Patricia (Spectral / Active Cultures), Person Of Interest (Exotic Dance Records), Boris Brenecki (Ontal / NEW YORK TRAX), Ital (Lovers Rock / Planet Mu), L.Sangre (Lost Soul Enterprises), Akanbi (Groovy Groovy), CZ Wang (Mood Hut), Solpara (Booma Collective), Certain Creatures (S.U.S.), Will Dimaggio (FUTURE TIMES), Cory James (Dusk Notes), Soramimi (Dusk Notes), Soren Roi (Nothing Changes), Turtle Bugg (Basement Floor), Sybil Jason (Farced), SSPS (LIES / Nation), Vveiss (XIAO MA), Greg Zifcak (Broken Call), Blacklauren (The Long Count), Jan Woo (WEIRD MAGIC), Collin Crowe (File New), Pure Immanence (Unter/B.N.C.C.), Davide Gualandi (Lost Soul Ent.), Abraham Othwell (House On Mute), Love Letters (CGI Records), Kamron Saniee (VE-302), Abby Echiverri (NonLinearAudio), Liquid Asset (Primitive Languages), Kellam Matthews (Frendzone!), Sophia MA (Sample Sessions), Franco No Jose B2B Selecta K7 (Africanoire), Posi-track (Open Tabs), Facets (Samo Records), Scallywag B2B R Gamble (Long Count X LSE).

Video produced and directed by Pablo Herrera (ELECTROFILMIKA). Special thanks to DJ Scallywag’s (The Long Count Cycle), Richard Gamble (Lost Soul Enterprises) and Nicole Gier (NEW YORK TRAX).